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This is what we have planned:

Being Revised

If anyone has a chronograph, please bring it. 



Here are the directions to the bear slides:

-While on I-87N, get off exit 21

-Make a left off of the off ramp

-Keep going

-Turn right onto PotAsh Road (you're more then half way already)

-Keep going straight (turns into Thomas)

-Turn right onto River Road (dirt road)

-Keep going (there's only one way to go) you'll pass through 2 parking areas Look for my Silver Chevy Malibu


Below are the directions to Napa Estate:

 -After getting off exit 20 turn left onto route 9N (outlet shopping)

-Turn right onto 149

-Keep going until you see a stove place on the left (kinda looks like a log cabin) Right next to the stove place is Buttermilk Falls Road, turn left onto that.

-Keep going, just stay to the right Don't be fooled by the boy scout camp on the left... keep going

The road will end, you'll have to go straight entering a parking lot or turn left between 2 yellow poles.

-Turn left between the yellow poles. There are camp sites on both sides. Just look for my car. This road dead ends.You can't see all campsites from the road, look for markers.


Directions to West Mountain:

- Head towards West Mountain while on Aviation Road

- Cross West Mountain Road and the road will turn to dirt.

- Turn left into first dirt parking lot

.- Drive down trail