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Our Gear:

Please have your velocity set at approx 280fps.

If you have a Cronometer, please bring it.

The radio we are now using:

Midland LXT114 22-Channel 18-Mile FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio

with headset jacks. $30 a pair on Amazon.

  Security head set is available for $15 on Amazon or $30 at Dick's Sporting goods @ aviation mall. Pair

   This little beauty is a Celestron GPS Tracker, which lets you set a location and then points back to that location like a compass.  It also gives you distance. It's easy to get turned around in the woods.  For $50 this thing is worth it.  Works anywhere in the world.  Never stay lost again.





The markers we use are below: 

We usually have 4 "kits" to loan out,

so if you don't have your own gear... Don't let that stop you!

Kits consist of: Mask, 1 3000psi Nitro Tank, 1 20oz Co2 Tank, Tippmann Marker, Halo invert hopper, Radios, Vest/Best. 


A-5 with Flat-line Barrel, Stock, and Egrip

Alpha Black with Stock

Carver One

Custom 98 with Flat-line barrel and Stock

Project Salvo with Stock, coil, and belt.