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1.       Masks must be worn at all times when playing.


3.       Never forget rules 1 and 2.

4.       Once you call yourself out, you can not change your mind.

5.       BE LOUD! When you are eliminated, raise your marker in the air and repeatedly yell “HIT!” or “OUT!” as loud as you can so opposing players know to stop shooting at you. Be aware that there are probably still paint balls in the air coming towards you from before you called yourself out, so don’t be surprised if you get hit a couple of extra times.  Also Radio to everyone then head to the killed zone.

6.       Do not overshoot or bonus-ball (deliberately and/or excessively shooting eliminated players). Learn trigger control. Anyone caught overshooting or bonus-balling is subject to ejection from the field.

7.       Do not wipe or play on. Anyone caught wiping or playing on is subject to ejection from the field. If a paintball breaks on you or your gear, call yourself out and leave the game. When in doubt, call yourself out.

8.       Dead men tell no tales. Once you are eliminated, you may not share information with “live” players.

9.      No arguing or fighting, verbal or otherwise, especially to another team or ref !!!

10.    When borrowing gear, please plan to replace anything you loose.  You won’t be asked to, you just should.

11.    No littering, we pick up our trash and scattered paint balls.

12.  If you don't have a vest, put our radio in your pocket.  Do not just clip it on somewhere as it will get lost. 

13.    Never point your marker at someone without a mask.

14.  Bring and use barrel covers when gearing up and between rounds.

15.    Have fun!