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  Team Alpha is happy to play by whatever rules you observe on your field, without question.

  However... when we're at home or when given the choice we prefer the following:

  •   If you get hit anywhere on your body, clothes, or mask... you are out.
  •   If you get hit but the paintball doesn't break you can call for a paint check.  No paint = alive.
  •   If your marker gets hit, you are not out.
  •   Anyone can be a referee, even once eliminated.  You must put a yellow shirt on.
  •   We do not have a chronograph, until we do, please make sure your velocity is at about 280-300.
  •   We prefer to play as a team and not mix teams, unless because of uneven numbers.
  •   Do not camp/sit still for more then 1-2 minutes (when in the woods)  Unless engaged.
  •   Try not to fire your marker when you die but if you need to, go ahead.  It's no big deal.
  •   Use any kind of paintball marker you want
  •   Bring and use your barrel covers when gearing up and between rounds
  •   If your maker malfunctions you may return to the car to fix it and then re-enter the game.
  •   We prefer everyone to have a 2 way radio (we have 12 to loan)
  •   Surrenders are ok but not required. No 20 foot rule
  •   Pods are ok
  •   In game refills are ok (if you can make it there alive) :)
  •   Calling time out is ok (freeze)
  •   Fully automatic is ok
  •   Side arms are ok
  •   Paint Grenades are ok
  •   No time limit
  • Taking your mask off outside the dead zone is NOT ok... ever!
  • We dislike small inflated speed ball fields. 
  • We don't like to be able to see the opposing teams starting location from our starting position.
  • If you arrive to one of our private practices late and while a game is in session.  You are permitted   to enter the game unannounced, as a private vigilante.
  • Treat your marker like you would a real weapon. Aim it at the Sky or the ground at all times.